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If you have clients in the construction industry, CompGroup AGC enables you to offer them a superior program for workers’ compensation coverage.  In addition to competitive rates and excellent customer service, your agency receives 100% of the policy commission paid by Texas Mutual Insurance Company.


In addition to standard commission, CompGroup AGC currently offers bonus commission for new business.  Even if your account is already with our carrier, Texas Mutual, we will pay Bonus Commission for the first year's premium once placed in our group!


Any licensed agent can place a qualifying client into the CompGroup AGC with our underwriter’s approval.  However, the application will be processed by Roberts & Crow, Inc. as the Plan Administrator of the program. 


CompGroup AGC is designed for commercial building contractors and the trades that support its construction.  Below is a list of the standard governing class codes that are eligible for consideration.  However, if you don't see the code that your client has, please do not hesitate to contact Roberts & Crow, Inc. as other class codes can be approved on an exception basis.


Qualifying Class Codes:  3724, 5022, 5040, 5041, 5057, 5070, 5102, 5160*, 5183, 5190, 5200, 5213, 5220, 5348, 5403, 5437, 5443, 5462, 5474, 5479, 5491, 5536, 5538, 5551, 5606, 6045, 6219, 6229, 6306, 6319, 6400, 7538, 7600*, 8234*, 8601*, 9014*, 9529*


*Not all sub-classifications eligible.


To learn more about placing your client into the CompGroup AGC, contact Roberts and Crow at 1-800-406-9614 or email



Your clients will receive:

  • 12.4% Group Premium Discount
    (as of 1/1/2015)

  • 15% Down Payment with Interim Reporting

  • Potential Dividends – Both Safety Group and General Dividends 

  • Online access to practical safety information

  • Superior claim and loss prevention services

  • Education/Training opportunities


Your agency will receive:

  • 100% of commission paid by Texas Mutual® 

  • Bonus Commission on all new business 

  • Pre-underwriting evaluation to quickly determine pricing model

  • Administrative customer service 

  • Effective advocacy with Texas Mutual

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